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Abstract Nude/Seductive Portraits

A photograph of your choosing painted in this style, using your preferred colors. These are a great gift for a significant other or a great way to remind yourself how beautiful you are. Photographs can be nude or clothed. You must be 18 years or older to have a nude photo painted


8x10- starting at $100

11x14-starting at $125

price may vary depending on the content of painting

please email or start a chat to inquire about larger sizes

Realistic Portrait

Portraits of you and/or a loved one painted to match the photograph provided.  A great option for commemorating a special moment, some one who's passed away, or even just yourself! 

see pricing calculator for prices 


Flowers and Foliage

choose  a favorite flower or plant and let me create something beautiful for you


see pricing calculator for prices

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Things to remember when getting a commission

  • The clearer you are about what you want the easier it is for me to create it for you. To make things easier, you should:​​

    • provide reference images 

      • good references make good paintings.  try to make sure your pictures are clear and well lit so your painting has more likeness to the photograph​

    • be sure to mention if there is a specific style you would like me to use, that you have seen me use before

    • be specific if there are colors you would prefer me to use

    • be honest if there is something you are not satisfied with.  I would much rather make changes to a painting than send you something you don't love.


  • Please respect my professional boundaries

    • I appreciate and value all of my customers and professional relationships. This includes:

      • respecting ​​my artistic opinion

      • keeping conversations respectful and professional

      • being prompt with responses and payments as you are able.

    • When it comes to nude paintings, I will not view any photographs prior to receiving a deposit. I appreciate your understanding 

  • My aim is to make this a fun process for everyone, so if you have any questions or concerns you can use the chat feauture in the bottom right hand corner or send an email using the contact page!


Thank you

Commission Inquiry

If you are interested in having a commission done, please read the appropriate contract and fill out the corresponding form. 

  • Please note that all commissions require a $50 deposit

  • Pieces totaling $50 or less should be paid in full at the start of the process

  • Pieces $100 dollars or less can pay half up front and half at the end

  • As stated above, I require payment 0r deposit for Nude commissions prior to viewing any photos  

  • Once you submit the form you will be invoiced for the deposit/full balance (per above statement) 

  • If you want a Nude commission in a size that is not listed, select the 'other' option and you will be sent an invoice for the size you enter

  • Please note that shipping is free within the US and those outside the US will be asked to pay for shipping costs.

  • Completion time is usually between 2 to 4 weeks but is subject to change due to current work load. I will do my best to keep you updated throughout the process.

  • Please allow for USPS shipping delays related to COVID-19

I look forward to working with you!! 

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