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Hello! I am Chelsea Hunter of C Hunter Art. Art has always been a part of my life but I really started taking an interest in painting in 2017. I started out with mostly portraiture. Around 2020 I started to focus on other topics like plants and more conceptual and colorful pieces. Sicne about 2021 I have been mainly focusing on nude portraiture in the pursuit of helping increase visibility of different bodies. Since then I have made an effort to paint different people of all shapes, colors, and sizes, so everyone is aware of how beautiful they are. It makes me happy to make others happy through my artwork, and it assures me that am doing something important.  While I still like to make art using different subjects and mediums from time to time, I think nude portraiture is where I have really found my niche. Please take time to explore the different areas of my site. If you like what you see you can subscribe to my mailing list on the CONTACT page or get some art for your self either in the SHOP or in the form of a COMMISSION, if you want something custom. Thanks for visiting